Who We Are

The Pulse Physician Team

The entire physician team is dedicated to delivering high-quality heart care for our patients. On our staff are cardiology experts, scholars and teachers. These are the doctors who know heart health so well, that they’re teaching it to the next generation of cardiologists at some of our region’s most prestigious medical schools. Not only have our physicians undergone additional training in cardiology by way of internship and medical residency programs, many have also received additional fellowship training in the field of cardiology – this means they have undergone ten or more years of education and training, all focused on the heart! Not only is this strong evidence of Pulse cardiologists’ expertise, it also demonstrates how passionate our doctors are about the health of their patients’ hearts.

A Second-to-None Support Staff

While the Pulse physician team is the “heart” of our practice, our support staff is its soul. Our doctors couldn’t provide the level of high-quality care to our patients that they do every day without the constant commitment from our registered nurses, radiology technicians and other health providers who are always there to put our patients at ease and to ensure their appointments and procedures go as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Building the Future of Cardiology

Pulse Cardiology and Cadence Vein Institute are led by a collaborative team of nine experienced physicians who have a common goal – delivering compassionate and high-quality cardiovascular care to every patient. Our group is comprised of board certified physicians who are avid researchers, scholars and teachers. We are honored to be a preferred referral source for many surgeons looking for evidence-based heart and vascular care for their patients. Ours is the only practice in the area with a teaching faculty at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) School of Medicine, including a Cardiology Fellowship Program. This means that our doctors are teaching the next generation of cardiologists how to deliver the best heart care to patients. Pulse Cardiology also has a unique relationship with Dignity Health and provides cardiology services to St. Bernadine Medical Center and Community Hospital of San Bernardino. We also serve Riverside Community Hospital.