Pulse Cardiology

Your Roadmap to Cardiovascular Health in the Inland Empire

As the pump that pushes blood to all of the vital organs and tissues in your body, a strong heart is crucial to a healthy life. As the highways and byways of your heart, your arteries and veins are the deliverers of that life-blood. Without them, the heart can’t do its life-sustaining work.

Paying Attention to your Body's 'Check Engine' Light

While many people understand the importance of maintaining heart health, they aren’t always aware that some warning signs that don’t seem related to the heart – actually are. Did you know that varicose veins can serve as a “check engine” light like the one you see in your car if something is wrong with it? It’s true. Varicose veins can lead to ulcerations, which can lead to full-blown vascular disease. If left untreated or poorly managed, vascular disease can result in limb amputation. With Pulse Cardiology and the Cadence Vein Institute as Your Roadmap to Cardiovascular health, you won’t need to ignore that check engine light.

A Mechanic Just for You - the Pulse Cardiology Difference

Knowing there’s a heart issue that you need to pay attention to is only half the battle. As it is with your vehicle, finding the right mechanic to fix the problem can take time and a considerable amount of energy. You want someone reputable and reliable. You want them to take care of your car as if it were their own. At Pulse Cardiology, we know you want the same things when it comes to your heart health and we’re proud to deliver the service you deserve. Whether it’s a compassionate voice to help calm your nerves, or a straightforward explanation of your condition, we’re here for you. Our expert cardiology team is proud of a variety of honors that differentiates us: 

• A collaborative team of nine cardiologists – and growing 

• Unique relationships with surgeons who trust us to care for their patients 

• The only cardiology practice with teaching faculty at UCR 

• Hospital affiliations with multiple community and regional hospitals in the Inland Empire Contact us TODAY so we can keep you on the road to cardiovascular health.